Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago

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The Frogbit Fruit and Tea Infuser Bottle: Beautiful Hydration.


Time to be honest. Who here drinks enough water every day? 

    Not you?

    No, us, neither. 

    So we liked the idea of anything that might make it more tempting to get in all those ounces every day.  And that’s how we came up with the idea of our Frogbit Fruit and Tea Infuser bottle.

    The basic idea was this: Get a bottle that would make boring plain water taste like something more interesting so we’d be more tempted to drink up. Make it a multi-use bottle that could easily switch between hot and cold. Make it look great, cause if we’re going to have it with us all day, we want to enjoy looking at it. And definitely make it glass because, well, plastic.


    That’s the beginning of the Frogbit story. A bottle that’s fully functional but also fully beautiful.

    And flexible so that your daily hydration can match your mood throughout the day. Instead of chugging plain water, you’ll love the variety. 

    Snap yourself awake with a spicy hot infusion of ginger, lemon and cayenne (you won’t miss the caffeine).  Tangy citrus to keep you focused all morning. Swap in some juicy berries for a sweet hit in the afternoon. The warmth of a peaceable herbal tea to help send you to dreamland. 

    With its easy-to-clean infuser top, you’ll be able to switch it up all day with no fuss. And because the Frogbit bottle is as lovely to hold as it is to look at, it will put a little ceremony in every sip you take.

    Ultimately, we know our bottle will look good in your hands. But true beauty will come from drinking more water every day. And that’s the real meaning of beautiful hydration