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Frogbit Supports Clean Water Projects

Hydration is a right.

Water First is a Canadian charity whose only mandate is to help Indigenous communities get access to clean water. 

Water First believes everyone has a right to safe, clean water.  They find it unacceptable that, for too many Indigenous communities in Canada, the water that comes out of the tap isn’t safe. Because we at Frogbit find it unacceptable too, we donate 10% of our profits for every bottle sold to Water First to help them carry out their work.

Water First helps First Nations communities get the skills and knowledge they need to make their water safe and clean.  Since 2009 they’ve helped over 50 Canadian First Nations overcome drinking water and environmental water problems.

Water First collaborates with communities to understand their priorities, so that support is given to resolve the challenges that matter most locally. From helping young Indigenous adults train for careers in their communities’ water treatment plants, to helping restore local waterways that have been environmentally damaged, the goal is for fresh, clean water for every community.

And because Water First profoundly respects the communities they work with, all programs are founded on Indigenous values, knowledge, customs and traditions.

Frogbit is proud to support Water First. For more information on their programs and what our donations are used for, go to